Sabrina and Max Blondman
Sabrina Cohen (now Sabrina Blondman) and I (Max Blondman) met in on the 3rd floor of McDonald tower, in September of 2004 (our freshman year) but we didn’t start dating until January 2005.  We got married at Capitale in New York City on September 22, 2012, almost exactly 8 years after we met. Thank you and everyone down there for all the good wishes and all of your help. 


Juli and Michael Finkelstein
‘I went to the U of Miami from Wisconsin in 1978.  I met Michael at a U of Miami football game.  He was with his fraternity ZBT.  We dated, married 4 years later and are still happily married 25 years later.  We live in Baltimore, MD.  We have 2 children. Our oldest, Nikki, graduated from U of Arizona and our youngest child Andrew is now attending his second year at the U of Miami and has joined ZBT.’

Monica Cabanillas and Erik Sheppard
“The University of Miami means a lot to us. I just knew that if I could keep it a secret, it would be a really original way of proposing to Monica.” Read More

Martha Armas and Leonardo Ramos
‘While for me falling in love only took a matter of moments, the symbol of our love on that bridge will last forever.’ Read More