The Love Bridge news story is about 3 minutes into this video

fast forward to 3:00 it is the beginning of the coverage of the love bridge

Patti, BBA “57 and Allan Herbert, BBA"55 MBA “58, a couple who met their first week of school at UM, fell in love and married, have established an endowment for CHAMP ( “Canes Health Assessment and Motivation Program”). In recognition of their gift, the bridge in front of the Herbert Wellness Center was named the Love Bridge to commemorate their love for the University and each other.

To raise funds for the CHAMP endowment, the Herbert Wellness Center sells bricks in front of the love bridge. For a minimum $500 donation, you can purchase a brick to commemorate a special event, acknowledge a loved one, or just permanently show your love for UM. Maybe you"re just looking for a unique and fun way to give a gift. If so, complete the order form and mail it to the Herbert Wellness Center with your donation. If you are not sure what to put on your brick, go ahead and take a look at what other people wrote and maybe that will help you to come up with an inscription for your brick.

Want to share your "love story"? Send your story to Carmen Burgess: And if you have a digital photo of your special someone, you can attach it with the story.

For more information on how you can purchase a brick, just click on the Order Form