Membership to the Herbert Wellness Center is open to University students, faculty, staff, alumni, retirees, Board of Trustees, Citizens Board members, and their spouses and dependents.

Although membership to the Herbert Wellness Center is not open to the general public, there are a variety of programs and services that are available to everyone. To learn more, click the Non-Members button at the top of this page.


UM students and full-time UM employees who have membership to the Herbert Wellness Center also have access to the Miller School of Medicine Wellness facility.

Student Membership Information

University of Miami students who are registered for at least one credit during the semester are eligible for membership to the Herbert Wellness Center . The fee varies each academic year.

The Herbert Wellness Center fee is mandatory for full-time undergraduate and day law students. The fee is automatically charged to graduate students registered for nine credits or more. Part-time students may elect to have the Herbert Wellness Center fee charged to their student account by completing an authorization form at the Herbert Wellness Center or contacting the Office of Student Account Services.

Policies and Procedures