Vitality U Mission

Vitality U is student-driven programming board that promotes the overall health and wellbeing of students by working to make the healthiest choice the easiest choice.

According to research conducted by Dan Buetner and a team of a National Geographic scientists as part of the Blue Zones project, the secret to living better, healthier lives “lies not in diets or exercise programs, but in creating the right surroundings.” 

We strive to create an environment that supports students’ healthy decisions by providing access to a coordinated system of resources, while fostering a community of like-minded, supportive individuals.

Vitality U Objectives

Vitality U strives to:

Transform the environment of our campus so that the easy choice is the healthiest choice.
Enhance students’ understanding of the interconnectivity between different domains of wellbeing.
Coordinate resources on and off campus to support students’ wellness goals.
Generate networks of students with similar interests and goals in order to support and encourage each other to choose healthy living choices.
Provide quality programming relevant to the needs of the students.
Encourage and reward students for adopting and maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Vitality U History

Since its founding, Vitality U has played a very active role in bringing wellness opportunities to campus.  Here is a sample of past programs:

-Farm Fresh Miami fruit and vegetable co-op partnership: Bringing organic, cheap, and local produce right to campus!
- Food Day: Leading a dining hall take-over during the nationally celebrated Food Day in October.
- Kids N Culture: Teaching kids about healthy eating.

-Yoga and meditation seminars

-FUNiverse seminars

- Women’s weight lifting series

- Kids N Culture: Teaching kids about healthy eating and exercise.
- West Lab Elementary School collaboration: Holding a reading of “Henry Gets Moving” to teach children about nutrition and being active.
- Strong Women, Strong Girls: Teach young girls about body image, women’s health, and the importance of nutrition and exercise.

Vitality U Inspiration

Watch this TED video of Dan Buettner to learn more about what Vitality U is all about!