TicketMaster Florida has an outlet at the University Center, open 8:30am-3:00pm Monday through Friday. Tickets for concerts, lectures, or any special activity across our region are available, as well as UM-specific events such as student guest passes to UM football and basketball games. Like ALL TicketMaster outlets, we are CASH-ONLY; credit card customers should call TicketMaster’s central office via telephone.

Note: By contract with TicketMaster, we are not permitted to provide information about events or tickets over the phone—please visit our service in person or call TicketMaster’s main number (305) 358-5885 for information about events or for credit-card purchases.

TicketMaster is located just outside the convenience store, near the Information Desk area.

Hours of Operation

Parking & MetroPasses:
Open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 3:00PM.
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

TicketMaster Sales:
Open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM 3:00PM
Saturday & Sunday Closed

Contact Information

TicketMaster Information:
Tel: (305)358-5885

MetroPasses or Parking Information:
Tel: (305) 284-2318

NOTE: The UC Information Desk is not permitted to give out TicketMaster information over the phone. Please call TicketMaster Florida directly or visit our sales window in-person.