The Rathskeller was officially opened on December 18, 1972 and dedicated on February 10, 1973.  It was formally referred to as Gautier Hall, named for the late Chairman of the Board of Trustees’ Subcommittee on Student Affairs.  Mr. Gautier was instrumental in initiating and following through on the Rathskeller project. In June 2011 Gautier Hall was demolished to provide space for a new Student Activities Center.  The new building houses space for gatherings, student organizations, and retail shops as well as the Rathskeller.  While the SAC was being built a temporary location for the Rathskeller was set up in the University Center.  The new Rathskeller opened on August 20, 2013.

The name Rathskeller is from two German words.  Its English translation is “town hall cellar”.  To the best of our knowledge at this time, the University of Miami Rathskeller is the largest college Rathskeller in the country and maybe the world.

  • The Rathskeller was formed generally to promote the interests and welfare of the University of Miami.  It was established back in 1972 for the following reasons:

    To provide a new, different and complementary site for student extracurricular life. A relaxed, easy atmosphere will characterize the Rathskeller, which is conducive to wholesome enjoyment.

  • To create the conditions for improved communications among the various elements of the University community - the students, administrators, staff, alumni, faculty and Board of Trustee members of the University of Miami.

  • To contribute positively to the total educational experience of the students of the University by providing a facility, program and atmosphere that encourages the free exchange and exploration of ideas.

  • To provide a site for the legal consumption of beer and wine on campus for those legally entitled for consumption. A natural concomitant of this location is a reduction in the risks associated with traveling by automobile to other sites in the greater Miami area for the purpose of consuming alcoholic beverages.

  • To enable students to participate responsibly in a different area of student relevance and competence by establishing a Rathskeller which will ultimately be financed by students, designed with the help of students and operated largely by the students for the University community.