The Department of Student Life is committed to continuously evaluating its programs and services to enhance existing programs and offer new opportunities to respond to an evolving student dynamic. Student Life feels that assessment is critical to the creation of quality programs and that capturing the student voice is a mandate toward this goal. Assessment efforts continue to be an area of emphasis within each department, developing instruments built on desired outcomes. All UM Student Life assessment efforts correlate to department Southern Association of Colleges and Schools reaccreditation efforts, when applicable.

Student Life Learning Outcomes
The Assessment Outcomes and Outcomes Matrix were designed to identify and categorize both the desired results and the measured results over time from a multitude of our different programs and services. Originally designed by a team of students and staff, the seven outcome competency areas listed below encompass the programs within the Student Life umbrella.
  • Self Awareness and Management
  • Systems Thinking/ Cognitive Complexity
  • Multicultural Competence
  • Civic Engagement
  • Knowledge Acquisition
  • Integration and Application
  • Understanding Group Dynamics
This matrix provides a tool for Student Life departments to structure experiences with outcomes in mind from their inception. As additional feedback is gathered over time, the matrix provides Student Life an asset map demonstrating which experiences are shown to provide the greatest capacity for growth in a given developmental area.

Click here to see the Student Life Assessment Outcomes Matrix and the accompanying Student Life Assessment Outcomes Key.

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