SAFAC is comprised of thirteen voting committee members, a non-voting Chair, and one non-voting advisor. The voting committee members include the Student Government delegate, a delegate from each class (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), a delegate of the Federation of Club Sports, a delegate from any Greek Letter, a delegate who represents Service and Leadership interests, two delegates who represent Multicultural/International interests, and three delegates from any University of Miami registered student organization. All SAFAC members embrace the principles of honesty, fairness, and integrity. They protect the interests of all student organizations by ensuring that the decisions they make are in the best interests of all parties involved, especially the students at the University of Miami. SAFAC members do not make arbitrary judgments. They look at the big picture and make decisions that will benefit the entire university community. They especially keep in mind that their decisions ultimately decide what co-curricular life at the University will be.

Each registered student organization is assigned a "SAFAC Liaison" : click here for a complete listing.

SAFAC 2016-2017 Member Information

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Yash Soni
Name: Yash Soni
Year: Junior
Hometown: Parkland, FL
Involvements: Indian Students Association, Habitat for Humanity, SwaggeRaas Dance Team
Jaimie McPhedran
Name: Jaimie McPhedran
Position: Vice Chair, Senior Delegate
Year: Senior
Hometown: Naples, FL
Involvements: Biscaydence (a capella), RA in Hecht, Volunteering at Miami Children's Hospital
Tomas R. Cacicedo
Name: Tomas R. Cacicedo 
Position: Treasurer, Organization-At-Large Delegate
Year: Senior
Hometown: Miami
Involvement:Engineering Advisory Board, Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers, Federacion de Estudiantes Cubanos, and Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Leah Colucci
Name: Leah Colucci
Position: Secretary, Butler Center Delegate
Year: Senior  
Hometown: Fort Myers 
Involvements: P100, Tri Delta, and PhiDE
Aditya Shah
Name:  Aditya Shah
Position: Junior Delegate
Year: Junior
Hometown: Germantown, Tennessee. 
Involvements: Habitat for Humanity, Alpha Epsilon Delta, HealthCanes

Tejas Jain
Name: Tejas Jain
Position: Greek Delegate
Year: Senior
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Involvements: Student Government CLC, Lambda Chi Alpha

Nathaniel Burn
Name: Nathaniel Burn
Position: Sophomore Delegate
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Involvements: American Marketing Association, Wellness Center Employee, Club Soccer

Morgan Owens
Name: Morgan Owens
Position: Student Government Delegate
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Involvements: SpectrUM, Student Government, Standing Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, Delta Lambda Phi

Amit Saha
Name: Amit Saha
Position: Organization-At-Large Delegate
Hometown: Coconut Creek, Florida
Involvements: STRIVE, ARC Tutoring, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Chess Club

Quinn Kasal
Name: Quinn Kasal
Position: Organization-At-Large Delegate
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Involvements: SG Director of University Affairs, P100 Advisory Board, Alpha Kappa Psi

Zahra Markatia
Name: Zahra Markatia
Position: Multicultural Delegate
Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida
Involvements: Honor Council, UJhoom

Daniel Borges
Name: Daniel Borges
Position: Multicultural Delegate
Hometown: Parkland, FL
Involvements: SalsaCraze

Benjamin Ringrose
Name: Benjamin Ringrose
Position: FCS Delegate
Hometown: Boston, MA
Involvements: Sailing Hurricanes, HRL Security, SAFAC FCS Delegate, Canes Night Live Sophomore Delegate

Shellie Frai
Name: Shellie Frai
Position: Freshman Delegate
Hometown: Miami, FL
Involvements: The Miami Hurricane and Distraction magazine writer, Economics club, Owner of Killer Ivy Swimwear