What is SAFAC?
SAFAC (Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee) is the student organization that supplements funding to COSO registered student organizations at UM that have at least 75% undergraduate membership. Organizations with less than 75% Undergraduate members will have their funding reduced proportionately. SAFAC consists of 13 voting members, 1 non-voting chair and 1 advisor.

What is Fall funding?
In the middle of the spring semester, every organization has the opportunity to submit a budget request for the following fiscal year. Unlike other budget requests, the Fall Budget is time sensitive in that the items and events requested must be used or occur before the end of Fall Semester (Dec 17th) Fall Budget Allocations are distributed at the end of the spring semester of the prior academic year. Missed the deadline last spring? You can submit Fall Budget Requests from the first day of classes. Not sure what your allocation is? Log onto OrgSync at http://www.miami.edu/myumgroups, go to your organization, go the Files tab, and review your allocation.

What is Supplemental funding?
Supplemental funding gives organizations the opportunity to request money in addition to what they have been allocated in the Fall Budget Request. These are any items or events that will be used from the beginning of Fall, but were not requested on the Fall Budget. Items requested in the Fall Request cannot be requested again on a Supplemental form. Organizations can ask for up to 2 total supplemental budget requests up to any amount they wish, but SAFAC asks that organizations plan ahead to allow all organizations an opportunity to present for supplemental funding.

What is Stipulated funding?
Stipulated funding are funds that have already been approved by SAFAC to spend but are not yet placed for use in your account, and are noted on the budget as highlighted and italicized. Items are listed as stipulated as they need to be processed using a University Contract or are capital requests (which are always stipulated). These invoices are approved to spend with the written permission of the Director of Student Activities and Student Organizations. All invoices, bills, purchase orders, and payments that are noted on the budgets as stipulated (highlighted and italicized) need to be sent to the Student Activities Department to process for payment, BEFORE they are spent.

When is the deadline to apply for SAFAC funds?

The deadline to apply for 2014-2014 Fall Budget Requests is Friday, November 15th at 12pm. The deadline for Supplemental and Capital Funding for the 2013-2014 fiscal year is February 28th, 2014. Please remember that SAFAC meets every Wednesday and at times the schedule is booked, so Request forms should be submitted 4 weeks before your event occurs. Remember that SAFAC doesn't approve reimbursements so make sure you plan ahead. The deadline to ask for Fall Budgets for 2014-2015 fiscal year is also February 28th, 2013.

When will I find out how much funding my Organization received?
For Fall Budget Requests made in the Spring semester, allocation letters are posted to OrgSync under your organization's page at http://www.miami.edu/myumgroups by the end of the Spring semester. Allocation letters for all other requests during the academic year will also be posted to OrgSync under your organization's page, in the Files tab. SAFAC tries to notify organizations within 10 days of the meetings so be sure to check your database page for uploaded documents. For those organizations asking for an appeal, please note that the allocation decision will be delayed to allow for the appeals process. For a timeline of appeals, visit the Funding Request & Appeals Process Page.

What is a liaison and who is my Organization's liaison?
A SAFAC liaison is one of the 14 student committee members that has been assigned to guide you through the funding process. SAFAC liaisons have thorough knowledge of the funding process and guidelines, and will meet with you to answer any questions that you might have. Your liaison's signature is required before a request form can be submitted. You can find your organization's liaison here.

What is the difference between my SAFAC account and gift account.
Both accounts will consist of 6 numerical digits. Your SAFAC account will start with a 4 and will consist of funds provided by SAFAC. Your SAFAC account will clear at the end of the fiscal year (around the end of May) and will go back to SAFAC to be used for the next upcoming academic year. Not every student organization will have a gift account. The gift account starts with a 9 and consists of funds from everything that is not SAFAC - member dues, donations, fundraising, etc. This account will not clear at the end of fiscal year. Interested in getting a gift account? Please pick up the forms to apply for an account at SAC 206.

**Note: Student organizations are not allowed to open accounts with other bank institutions. Student organization accounts must be through the university.

How can I check how much funds I have in my SAFAC account or gift account?
SAFAC delegates do not have access to your student organization accounts. To check your funds you must ask your advisor. If your advisor is unsure or does not have access please email safac@miami.edu .

Who can I contact for more information?
For any questions about SAFAC, please email the Chairperson at safac@miami.edu .