Logo:Homecoming Executive Committee (HEC)
Each year the Homecoming Executive Committee (HEC) takes pride in creating and programming all of the Homecoming festivities. These events are designed to unite the campus and fill each Hurricane heart with pride. University of Miami students, alumni, and staff, as well as future Hurricanes from the surrounding communities, fill the campus to capture the UM spirit enriched with traditions of the past and creativity of the future, the upcoming 2015 Homecoming will offer a full array of events for everyone.

This coming fall, the 2015 Homecoming Executive Committee and Homecoming Committee members are working extra hard to provide "U" with a memorable week of events for this year's Homecoming. These events are a special celebration and are promised to offer something for everyone!

The 2015 Homecoming Executive Committee invites "U" to celebrate Homecoming traditions at the University of Miami. All current students are welcome to participate with teams in the friendly competition.

Questions can be emailed to the Homecoming Executive Committee at: umhomecoming@gmail.com

Thank you to our 2015 sponsors!