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What is an electronic mailing list?
An electronic mailing list is simply an email distribution ist maintained by computer software (Listserv). Rather than an individual maintaining their own personal distribution list, a computer does it for them.

How does an electronic mailing list work?
It's simple! A subscriber sends a command, via email, to the software's address and the computer does the rest.

Why be a subscriber to the student organization network?
Why not? You'll have access to over 800 student leaders on campus, you'll know what other student organizations are doing, and you'll stay up to date on student organization policies and procedures.

Still confused?
Here is how it works.... by being a subscriber you have the ability to send a message to one email address and have it distributed automatically to all subscribers. This also means that you will receive copies of all of the messages that other subscribers send. The benefit of this is that you do not have to figure out whom to send your message to since all of the subscribers to the list have similar interests as you do (they are also involved in campus life at UM!).

Want some ideas?
  1. Ask QUESTIONS of your peers..."How do I reserve a room in the UC?"
  2. Get ADVICE from your peers..."How do I ask a company to sponsor my event?"
  3. Get IDEAS from your peers..."How can I fundraise money for my organization?"
  4. PUBLICIZE your the who, what, where, why, and when.
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