Constitutional Review Process

All student organizations (recognized by COSO) must participate in constitutional review process every three (3) years. Student organizations should update their constitution according to the new sample constitution and will then meet with their COSO delegates to review the constitution. Delegates can be found on the organizations COSO Database page.

Breakdown of the Process:
1. Meet with your COSO delegate to talk about the changes you would like see done to your current constitution. During this meeting your delegate will also provide you a sample constitution to help during the process.

2. Update your current constitution and provide to your delegate to look over and approve.

3. Once constitution is approved, a paper copy will need to be signed by the current President/Chair, Treasurer, and Advisor and submitted to COSO.

4. COSO will update your Constitution on your database page as well as in your organization folder for future reference.

What if we want to update our constitution and we are not up for review?
Any group that would like to update their Organizations constitution to better reflect the organization should reach out to their liaison and set up a meeting time. Your liaison will be happy to walk you through the process. Some great examples why groups may update their constitution include: adding or removing exec positions, changing a committee description, or updating requirements for membership. 

COSO Constitution template

Organizations will be contacted by their COSO Delegate if their constitution needs to be reviewed.