Registration for Family Weekend 2016 must be completed online through your Parent proxy account in the CaneLink system. A step-by-step guide to creating your Proxy account is listed below. It can also be accessed in PDF form by clicking here.

Please ensure that cookies and pop-ups are enabled on your browser before accessing Cane Link. A step-by-step guide to enabling cookies and pop-ups on your browser can be accessed by clicking here.
Once you have created your proxy account, please log on to CaneLink and click on “Family Weekend Registration”. You will then see the following page.

Proceed to Registration Screen

Please click on “Proceed to Registration” and follow the directions. If you are having any difficulties or have questions, please contact the Department of Orientation by phone at 305-284-5646 (during normal business hours) or by email at

The registration site will open mid-Summer. 

Proxy Access to Student Record Information in CaneLink A Step-by-Step Guide for Proxies

It’s all about the student
In an ongoing effort to improve the student experience, the University of Miami has implemented a new student information service called CaneLink to replace the former legacy system, myUM. Delegates who have been active in the myUM system will be converted into Proxies with the same privileges in CaneLink. For new proxies (or those that were not converted from myUM) the process for creating and maintaining a proxy account in CaneLink is controlled by the student. Once they grant access, the process for the Proxy is simple and straightforward. Students navigate to the Student Center and click the “Share My Information” to register a proxy for their student record. Proxies will be notified of this access to the Proxy Home through an email address provided by the student during the registration process. The email will outline what types of student records information the Proxy has been granted which could consist of:

  1. UM Financial Aid Information
  2. UM Billing and Payments Information
  3. UM Grade and Transcript Information
  4. UM Health Insurance Information

When you receive this email you will be provided instructions to complete the process. These will include directions for accessing the CaneLink system and the terms and conditions you must follow when accessing someone else’s information. (If you are expecting receipt of this email and don’t see it, check your “Junk E-mail.”)

 Sample proxy confirmation email:

Sample proxy confirmation email

(The above steps are only required the first time you register to access your student’s information.)

Signing into CaneLink
For those of you who have had myUM “delegate” access in the past, you can sign into the CaneLink system ( using the same Cane ID and password you used in myUM. If you don’t have an active Cane ID or you have forgotten it, you can click on the “Forgotten your CaneID or Password” link on the login page.



Register as a Proxy User and Accept the Terms of Use
Access to approved student record information will be granted upon completion of the “Terms and Conditions” document. Once this document is completed and submitted your access will be activated.

Terms and Conditions

The Proxy Home
The following is an example of what you might see, depending on what access you are granted, when you arrive in CaneLink. In this example, Sebastian has granted permission for his Proxy to access his UM financial aid information, his billing and payment information, his grades and transcript information and his UM health insurance information. Sebastian has the option of controlling what his Proxy can see. He also has the ability to make changes in what his Proxy can see.