1. Dean of Students

      /EE/images/uploads/studentlife/categoryphotos/DeanofStudents_nt.jpg The Dean of Students Office is involved, interested, and invested in the education and development of our students and, consistent with the University of Miami Mission Statement, “we strive to develop future leaders of our nation and the world.” Visit the Dean of Students Office. Go ‘Canes! Read more… Judicial, Honor Code, Honor Council
    2. Dining Services

      /EE/images/uploads/studentlife/categoryphotos/DiningServices_nt.jpg The University of Miami’s Dining Services Department is pleased to offer exceptional dining service programs throughout our campuses. There is a wide range of dining options located throughout our campuses which provide quality, variety, convenience and flexibility. Read more… Advisory Board, Hours of Operation, Meal Plans, Menus and Nutritional Information
    3. Housing and Residential Life

      /EE/images/uploads/studentlife/categoryphotos/HousingandResidentialLife_nt.jpg Living on campus is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy University life at its fullest. It opens a world of interaction for residents with other students, faculty, and staff in many social and academic activities designed to enhance their academic achievement and personal growth. Read more… About Us, On Campus, Off Campus, Safety & Security, Publications, Services
    4. Parking and Transportation

      /EE/images/uploads/studentlife/categoryphotos/ParkingAndTransportation_nt.jpg The University of Miami’s Department of Parking and Transportation is committed to providing reliable transportation options and safe parking that enhances the quality of life for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors while providing mobility and accessibility and promoting sustainability on campus. Read more… Parking FAQs, Our Team, Maps, Additional Services, BankUnited Center Parking
    5. Rathskeller

      /EE/images/uploads/studentlife/categoryphotos/Rathskeller_nt.jpg The Rathskeller is a popular student meeting place that not only serves great hamburgers, but also is a venue for campus entertainment such as live bands, poetry slams, dance parties and comedy acts. Read more… Employment Opportunities, History of the Rat, Admission and Policies, Advisory Board
    6. Spiritual Life

      /EE/images/uploads/studentlife/categoryphotos/SpiritualLife_nt.jpg Spirituality is an important part of many students’ lives, and religious centers located on or near campus provide opportunities for services. Each denomination is served by trained clergy or lay workers who are sensitive to the needs of college students and are available for counseling and advising. Read more… Religious Organizations, Contact Information
    7. Student Center Complex

      /EE/images/uploads/studentlife/categoryphotos/UniversityCenter_nt.jpg The Student Center Complex embraces the unique climate of South Florida and the lush, tropical University of Miami Gables Campus with two student-centered indoor facilities, the new Student Activities Center and the Whitten University Center, as well as outdoor facilities including the Stage/Patio and Pool along Lake Osceola and the Rock. Read more… Retail, Reservations, Departments & Student Organizations, UC Pool
    8. University of Miami Police

      /EE/images/uploads/studentlife/categoryphotos/Police_nt.jpg University of Miami Police Department is a professional law enforcement agency that actively works to maximize the quality of life on the Coral Gables campus through proactive community policing efforts and continuous crime prevention programs. Read more… About UMPD, Campus Safety & FAQ's, Services and Programs