To make an appointment, enter or review immunization information, review your billing statement or send a secure message to your medical provider go to:

More detailed information and instructions are available below:

myStudenthealth Information

Immunization Information
New students can use to enter their immunization information and verify compliance with the University's immunization requirements, and current students and recent alumni can access their immunization information in order to forward it to other institutions.

Although you can enter immunization information and check for preliminary compliance, final compliance will not occur, and registration holds will not be removed until we receive your immunization form, completed and signed by a health care provider. Immunization information is generally verified within three business days of receiving your form. Once this occurs, your compliance status will be changed to VERIFIED and registration holds will be removed..

Instructions for use
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Cane I.D.
  3. Click on Immunization Icon / View History to review the immunization
    information already entered. Click on New to enter new information.
  4. Review your immunization information and enter any new information.
    (Do not re-enter information that has already been entered)
  5. Scan and save a copy of your signed immunization form on your computer or take a picture of it using your mobile device, and upload it at .  Under the ‘upload’ tab, select ‘immunization form’ from the dropdown menu.
You will not be considered compliant and the registration hold will not be removed until the form has been received and reviewed by the Student Health Service Staff.

Questions related to immunization requirements, receipt and processing of forms, or your current immunization status should be directed to

Appointment Scheduling

Appointments for all visit types are available at

To schedule an appointment:
  1. Log onto and select the ‘appointment’ tab on the top of the screen (top right on mobile devices)
  2. Select your reason (appointment descriptions below) and a preferred provider if so desired, otherwise leave the preferred provider blank.
  3. Click ‘submit’.
  4. Use the calendar to click on the days that are convenient for you. Available times for your selected appointment will be displayed to the right of the calendar. Schedule your appointment by clicking the ‘select’ button to the right of the appointment time.
  5. Please arrive on time for your appointment.
  6. Please also bring your Cane Card, insurance card along with any completed forms that may be required for your appointment.
Appointments can be cancelled and/or rescheduled at by clicking the ‘cancel’ button below the appointment time on the home screen.   

Questions related to appointment scheduling should be directed to

Judy Arzadon, MSN, APRN, BC Family Medicine
Caridad Bechtinger, MSN, APRN, BC Family Medicine
Gisel Stark, DNP, NP-C Family Medicine
Megan Williams, MSN, APRN, BC Family Medicine
Meilin Diaz-Paez, MSN, ARNP, BC Family Medicine
Lachanda Dudley, M.D. Family Medicine
Greg Schneider, M.D. Family Medicine
Joseph Reinhardt, M.D. Family Medicine
Leanne Rutter, M.D. Family Medicine
Sports Medicine M.D. UM/JMH Orthopedic Resident/Fellow
Allergy Provider Registered Nurse

Choose a VISIT TYPE:
Medical Problems - New and Follow-up
Most medical visits for a new or continuing problem or illness, including screening for STD's and other medical conditions.

Gynecology Medical Problems
New or continuing gynecologic and women's health visits other than annual exams for contraception counseling and pap tests.

Annual Women's Health Visit (with and without a pap test)
Annual visit for a pap test and/ or contraception counseling or renewal.

Basic Physical
Physical exam, typically requested by or required by someone else, other than for clearance for SCUBA diving.

Diving Physical
Clearance to participate in SCUBA classes, or other diving program.

Smoking Cessation Visit
Smoking cessation counseling.

Allergy Shots
Periodic visit for administration of allergy shots according to a schedule provided by your allergist.

Click on SEARCH button to search for an appointment.
Please arrive on time for your appointment. Please also bring your Cane Card along with any completed forms that may be required for your appointment.

Appointments may be cancelled by returning to and clicking on the X next to your appointment information.

Questions related to appointment scheduling should be directed to

Obtain Results

Test results and other information from your medical provider may also be available via secure messaging at

To access your secure messaging inbox, log on to, and  click on the ‘Messages’ tab .
From your inbox you can compose new messages and correspond with your provider.

Technical Information
New undergraduate students will not have access to mystudenthealth until approximately 72 hours after payment of their admissions deposit.

In order to assure privacy, this system has been implemented under strict data privacy procedures. If you encounter difficulty accessing the site, you may need to make some adjustments in your internet browser. Please refer to the troubleshooting information below and refer any technical questions to or (305)284-6565.