The Division of Student Affairs is responsible for all aspects of student learning and student life. Student Affairs educates students in community living, social intelligence and responsibility, ethical behavior, citizenship skills and social justice, leadership skills, coping with adversity, health and wellness, diversity, and adaptive skills for living. We counsel, encourage, heal, house and advise students, and we enjoy watching our young women and men mature into intelligent, responsible and enthusiastic adults. More importantly, though, the Division is made up of many people who care deeply about our students and their experiences inside and outside the classroom.

For a complete list of departments in the Division of Student Affairs, use the Departmental Links on the left. For more information view our contact information page. Please click here for our Mission Statement and Organizational Chart.

Message from the Vice President
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Student Affairs website. Feel free to explore our Division through these pages.

Dr. Patricia A. Whitely

Each department is featured, and I hope that you find the information you seek.

We strive to create a campus that is conducive to learning, and an environment that fosters leadership. I think you will find that even a brief visit through these pages will convey the dynamic mix of programs, service, and people that make up Student Affairs.

Should you have any questions or just want to share information, please feel free to contact me directly at 305-284-4922. I welcome your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

Dr. Patricia A. Whitely
Vice President
Division of Student Affairs