Reporting to the Senior Vice Provost & Dean of Undergraduate Education, the Resident Faculty serve as positive and visible members of a residential college community.  They collaborate with college staff to help plan and implement educational, academic, social and cultural programs while serving as a role model, advisor, and leader in the residential community. Find out more about each Resident Faculty member below.

Faculty Master - Heather Henderson and Family
Heather Henderson and Family

My name is Heather Henderson and I am the Faculty Master in Stanford Residential College. I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology. I teach undergraduate and graduate classes in Child Development and Research Methods and I am the Director of the Social Developmental Laboratory.  In my lab, I supervise several undergraduate and Ph.D. students on projects related to personality development and the processes underlying the development of emotion regulation in typically developing children as well as children with autism. My husband, Greg Simpson, is a Clinical Psychologist at the Mailman Center for Child Development at the University of Miami. Greg is the Associate Director of the Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Clinic.  He interacts with undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of clinics and research settings on both the main and medical campuses.

Greg and I moved to Miami in January 2003, after completing our Ph.D.s in Psychology in the Washington, DC area. Greg and I both grew up in Toronto, Canada where most of our extended family still lives. We live at Stanford with our 9-year-old son, Will, our 5-year-old daughter, Samantha, and our dog, Alvin. Together as a family, we enjoy going on lots of walks, going to the beach, and playing and watching all sports.  We look forward to spending time with the students at Stanford during the 2013-2014 academic year.

Associate Faculty Master - Daniel Wang
Yunqiu (Daniel) Wang

My name is Yunqiu (Daniel) Wang aand I am an Associate Master in Stanford Residential College. I am a senior lecturer and undergraduate advisor in the Department of Biology.  I teach undergraduate classes and labs in genetics.  My research background is in molecular biology and population genetics.

I moved to Miami in 1998 after I completed my Ph.D. in New Zealand, and post-doctoral fellowships in Japan and University of Florida. My research projects at UM focused on the characterization of genetic structure of threatened and endangered small mammal and plant populations in South Florida.  I am currently involved in the research of science education - developing innovative active learning pedagogies to enhance student learning in undergraduate biology courses.

I grew up in Beijing, China. I live at Stanford with my 9-yearl-old dog, Javier, and a two year old cat, Mimi.  My sons, Ray, 11 years old, and Dale, 23 years old, may join me sometimes during the year.  I enjoy swimming, walking with my dog, going to the beach, and playing and watching all sports.  I love jazz, classic rock, singing Karaoki style, and all sorts of music.  I look forward to spending time with the students at Stanford during the 2013-2014 academic year.

Associate Master - Carrie Penabad and Family
Carie Penabad

My name is Carie Penabad and I am an Associate Master in Stanford Residential College.  I am a Cuban American, born in New York and raised in Miami.  As an Associate Professor at the School of Architecture, I teach undergraduate and graduate design and drawing courses.  My research is varied and ranges from the role of Women in Architecture to the study of Latin American city centers and their peripheries, including the rise of informal settlements throughout the region.

My husband, Adib Cure is a native of Colombia.  As an Assistant Professor in Practice at the School of Architecture he teaches design and drawing courses.  He also participates in the “Open City” travel-abroad studio that investigates the interrelationship of urbanism, architecture and culture.  In recent years, the studio has traveled to Tokyo, Mumbai and Beijing.  His research focuses on Latin American architecture and urbanism.

Adib and I are both graduates of the University of Miami School of Architecture and Harvard University Graduate School of Design.  Together, we are principals in the firm CURE & PENABAD Architecture and Urban Design, based in Miami, Florida. We live at Stanford with our son Adib Jose.  As a family we enjoy traveling, reading, going to the movies and swimming.  We look forward to meeting you and contributing to your memorable college experience.