Stanford Residential College has 3 Faculty families,1 Area Director, 1 Assistant Area Director, 1 Office Supervisor, 22 Resident Assistants, 12 Academic Fellows, and 3 Desk Assistants.

The Area Directors, all of whom have advanced degrees in education or counseling, are selected from a national pool of future leaders in higher education. Area Directors have the overall responsibility for the day to day administration of their Colleges and supervision of the student staff.

Both Stanford and Hecht Residential Colleges have Academic and Career Advisors in Residence. Initiated in the Fall Semester of 2003, the ACAR program was designed to provide students with a one-stop-shop for all things related to academic and career development. The ACARs help students develop a career plan that is congruent with their abilities, interests, aptitudes and values through a variety of strategies including academic advising, personality and aptitude testing, programmatic presentations and individual outreach. Learn more about each position by clicking on the links on the right.