The University of Miami is committed to creating and providing a safe and healthy environment for all its students, patients, faculty, staff, and visitors to our campuses. To help ensure this goal, the University has embarked on an initiative to eliminate secondhand tobacco smoke exposure on the Coral Gables campus and intensify efforts to provide assistance to smokers seeking to quit.

Tobacco smoke has long been a proven health and safety hazard both to smokers and to non-smokers who are involuntarily exposed to secondhand smoke. This initiative is in keeping with the University's overall wellness orientation, which is reflected in myriad programs directed to its various constituencies. What began as a student-led initiative is now a campus-wide policy. A recent survey of 2,186 students found that 59 percent agree or strongly agree to have designated smoking areas throughout the campus, while 63 percent agree or strongly agree on having a completely smoke-free campus. 

In March 2010 the Miller School of Medicine campus became smoke-free—and effective August 1, 2013, the Coral Gables campus will become smoke-free, with the exception of designated and clearly identified smoking areas. For more information on the new policy as well as resources to help quit smoking, browse the pages on this website.

Join us in creating a healthier University of Miami campus and community.