Date: January 25 to 27, 2016
Time: 4PM to 10PM
Location: SC Senate | 3rd floor of the Shalala Student Center

Tunnel of Oppression is a sensory-based multimedia exhibit designed to expose participants to various actos of oppression taking place today.The program is designed to create awareness of different types off oppression and its effects within society and the campus community. It directly engages participants in a dialogue to explore opinions, values and thoughts in regards to oppression. Tunnel of Oppression serves to educate and inspire the University of Miami in hopes of building a more tolerant and integrated campus community.

The issues that are presented include:

  • Tools of Oppression
  • Environment
  • Mental Health
  • Racism
  • Women's Issues
  • Religion
  • Immigration and Human Trafficking
  • Interconnectedness
For any questions about the event, please call 305-284-4483 or contact
Tunnel of Oppression is sponsored by the Butler Center for Service and Leadership. We are appreciative of our additional sponsors from the following campus communities: -Department of Anthropology -Department of Teaching and Learning -Educational & Psychological Studies Department -UM Counseling Center -Patti and Allan Herbert Wellness Center -Interfraternity Council