First Year U: Learning, Leadership & Community (FYU)

About Canes Catalyst
Our Mission

To build a campus community of empowered individuals equipped to enact positive social change.

Who We Are

Canes Catalyst is a student-led program that is dedicated to the development of students and organizations.  We stand for leadership development and the belief that personal growth occurs within the individual, group and societal lenses.

What We Do

Services offered by Canes Catalyst aim to serve students, organizations and the campus community in ways that foster growth in leadership development and unity. 

  • SPARK: Individual
    • Individual services and resources that connect students to campus involvement opportunities.  
  • EMPOWER: Organizational
    • Empowered Sessions are facilitated by Agents that provide insight and hands-on training on specific topics and skills.
  • IGNITE: Campus Community
    • Programs and Initiatives created by Agents to bring together the campus community to exchange ideas and experiences that spark action. 

Click here to visit Canes Catalyst's OrgSync page.

How To Get Involved
To become a part of Canes Catalyst, apply to become a Canes Catalyst Agent. Agents are the backbone of the organization and help facilitate all of the aforementioned services. For specific requirements please refer to the application document.

We are currently not accepting applications at this time for the 2015 fall semester.

Request Our Services
For Individuals: Involvement Inventory Form
The Involvement Inventory is a resource that connects students to areas of campus involvement. 

For Groups: Canes Catalyst Request Form
The Request Form is available for student organizations (both undergraduate & graduate) to complete in order to better equip our Agents with information regarding organizational culture and dynamics. Canes Catalyst Agents are then able to provide hands-on training, interactive workshops and skill-building sessions tailored specifically to the organization.

Click here for post-service evaluations.


Butler Center for Service and Leadership
1330 Miller Drive, Room 204
Student Activities Center
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

Phone: (305) 284-4483
Fax: (305) 284-8828