The Canes Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a student-led team of trained and motivated students. The team trains routinely in triage, search and rescue, first aid, disaster preparedness and more. The team deploys to disasters that affect the University of Miami and the surrounding Miami area as well as being a resource for other agencies.

CERT has worked on reaching out to the community and providing first aid services. Together the executive board and general members have worked on expanding their skills set and teaching their skills to members of the UM community.

A weekend of emergency response training is required in order to become an official, certified member. These members meet every other Monday at 9 p.m. to practice and learn more complex skills that can be used in a disaster. The teams also participate in semester disaster readiness exercises where they can put their skills to the test.

Currently, our program has grown to over 40 members with a 10-person executive board. We are able to cover all corners of the Coral Gables Main Campus if needed, and we have the ability to reach out to the local area surrounding the university. If requested and approved by the university, the team has the capabilities of also responding to major county, state or national disasters.

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