The university does not provide long distance service for students.  Students do have local service available in their rooms and are able to make local calls from Key West to Fort Lauderdale at no additional charge per call.

Students are encouraged to use a long distance carrier calling card, a pre-paid calling card available from the book store or other local locations, their cell phone, or call collect.  For more information on the university's campus calling options please contact Daisy McNelley at 305 284-5498 or Sherlean Fuentes at 305 284-6591.

If you wish to place a collect or credit card call, please note the following procedures:

  1. Dial 9 and listen for dial tone.
  2. Dial 0 + area code + telephone number (e.g., 9+0+201-555-1212).
  3. At the sound of the tone, enter your calling card number or wait for an operator to take your collect call information.

Redial functions as normal (press the redial button, and it will dial all 11 numbers that were pressed, including the 9 you dialed to get out). Conference calling is not available on residential college phones. If your telephone has no dial tone, try your phone in another jack to make sure it is not your equipment. If your phone works, then it's probably the telephone jack or a related problem. Call Telecommunications at 8-6565 to report the problem and to request repair.