Resident students must provide their own telephone instrument. Each residential college room has a unique telephone extension with a phone jack for each resident. University Village residents have a common extension with a phone jack in the living room area. The telephone number for student rooms/apartments on campus begin with "786-392-".  Housing and Residential Life administrative offices and reception desk numbers begin with "305-284-".

If your phone number begins with 392-, you must dial a 3 plus the last four digits of the telephone number to reach another resident student. You must dial an 8 to reach all other campus extensions (numbers that begin with 284-). If you have a phone with a 392-prefix, you must dial 9 and wait for a dial tone in order to reach an outside line.

Redial functions as normal (press the redial button, and it will dial all 11 numbers that were pressed, including the 9 you dialed to get out). Conference calling is not available on residential college phones. If your telephone has no dial tone, try your phone in another jack to make sure it is not your equipment. If your phone works, then it's probably the telephone jack or a related problem.

For any questions about the changes to student telephone numbers or to report a telephone problem / request service, please call Telecommunications at 305-284-6565 or 8x6565 from an on-campus telephone.