For the Fall semester, all packages not claimed by Friday, December 18th at 5:00pm will be returned to sender in order to close for Winter Break. Except for University Village who will continue to follow regular procedure. For the Spring semester, we will begin to accept packages for all spring residential students beginning on Monday, January 4th. Please do not send packages ahead of that delivery date as we cannot guarantee they will be received due to space limitations. If packages are sent to arrive ahead of the resident's check-in, all items should be claimed as soon as the resident checks in.

Each resident is assigned a mailbox in their residential college or apartment area. Mail is delivered to student boxes Monday through Saturday. If you lose your mailbox combination, or key, you should come to the reception desk with your ‘Cane Card to receive a copy of the combination or a replacement key.

When a student receives a package, it is signed for at the reception desk and logged into our package tracking system, EZ Track It. Once you receive an email from EZ Track It notifying you that there is a package waiting for you – bring that email and your ‘Cane Card to the reception desk to retrieve your package. Please note that there is a slight delay between the carrier’s delivery notification and when we log it into our system. The reception desk cannot accept perishable packages/items, including food or grocery deliveries.

The US Post Office no longer forwards any mail coming from our residential areas. If you move off campus, or are released from your Housing Contract, you must change your address with all those who send you mail. As an added value to living on campus, we will continue to forward internally if you change rooms on campus, however you should still change your address. Due to USPS regulations, you will not be able to use their Change of Address form to update your mailing address, you will need to contact all those who send you mail with your new or updated address. The forwarding address we collect when you check out of your room is used for internal purposes to remain in contact with you – it is no longer used to forward mail after moving off campus.

The University of Miami also has an on-campus US Post Office that provides members of the University community with all postal services. The Post Office is location on the ground floor of the Whitten University Center, across from the library. Their telephone number is (305) 284-5255.

Mailing Address

The proper mailing address for students living on campus is as follows, please make sure to include all the information listed below, if information is missing that will cause a delay in delivery.

Sebastian The Ibis
Full Name of Residential Area
Room Number (include tower if applicable)
Street Address
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Street Address

Eaton Residential College 1211 Dickinson Drive
Mahoney Residential College 1101 Stanford Drive
Pearson Residential College 5185 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
Hecht Residential College  1231 Dickinson Drive
Stanford Residential College 1239 Dickinson Drive
University Village 1527 Albenga Avenue