The University provides computer connectivity to all students living in the residential colleges and University Village, and expects that each person utilizing the University computer system and equipment will adhere to all University regulations regarding access and use of University property.

Each residential college room and University Village bedroom is equipped with network connectivity with individual ports for each student. Access to the University “backbone” and the Internet is available at no additional charge. You will need a compatible computer with a 10base-T Ethernet card and the RJ-45 cable to connect to the port.

The University’s wireless network is also available for students. For more information about the wireless option or connectivity questions in general, contact Telecommunications at 305-284-6565, option 3. (Computers can also be purchased at the Technology Product Center at discounted prices.)

There are four residential college computer labs equipped with Dell computers. Labs include laser printers and provide free access to the Internet. There are user assistants in each lab to help you.  University Village residents also have use of a lab, but a user assistant is not provided.

For connecting your gaming consoles, please review this PDF (available here) which outlines the steps on getting your console connected to the network.