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DOCS Help Little Haiti

Miller School students were thrilled to see the crowds, knowing that so many people benefit from the free and outstanding services they offer under the…

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If you are a victim of a criminal act, contact the University of Miami Police Department immediately at 8-6666. The University of Miami Police Department includes a highly trained staff of professional police officers. These officers have been trained in constitutional and criminal law, search and seizure, community and human relations, first aid, crime detection, crime prevention, and ticketing. These officers have arrest powers, the same as the City of Coral Gables police. They are service oriented and are available to help you.

Campus Crime and Fire Safety Statistics/Reports
Blue Light Phones
Nearly 106 emergency telephones are strategically located throughout the Coral Gables and medical campuses. These phones are marked by a blue light to aid in nighttime identification. Phones are connected directly to the Department of UM Police and identify the location of the caller in the event he or she is unable to speak. Phones may be used to request a security escort, report suspicious persons or activities, or to obtain information. Locations of the telephones are indicated on the campus map by a telephone icon. Call UM Police at 305-284-6666 to report an inoperative telephone.
Security Escort Services
Security Escort Patrol, a free, safe means of travel for students, faculty, and staff on the Coral Gables campus 24 hours a day. To request a security escort, call UM Police at 305-284-6666 or use one of the many emergency telephones on campus. Escorts are limited to the geographic boundaries of the Coral Gables campus.