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About 200 students from elementary schools in high-needs districts throughout Miami-Dade County learned about shark conservation, overfishing,…

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A power outage to the room is generally caused by an overload to the electrical circuit. An overload occurs when two or more high wattage devices are used at the same time. Below are two lists of high wattage appliances, some allowed and others not allowed in residential colleges or University Village for fire safety reasons.

High wattage devices allowed:
Refrigerator, microwave, hot pot, coffee pot, popcorn popper, hair dryer, iron, curling iron

High wattage devices not allowed:
Toaster, toaster oven, hot plates, "George Foreman-type" grills

Students have found that power strips are very useful in setting up all the appliances in their room. Power strips with built-in electronics to monitor electricity flow, such as those made by Tripp-Lite or GoldX, will shut-off the power to your electronic device to protect the item from overloads. (120 volt, U.L. approved; built-in manual reset; 15-amp circuit breaker; maximum length of cord six (6) feet; maximum six (6) outlets at end of cord)