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At each destination, Carmen Guerrero, a faculty member in the University of Miami’s School of Architecture and the students’ guide for the day, explained…

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About HRL Security

The Housing and Residential Life Security program is a branch of the Department of Housing & Residential Life responsible for late night security within and around the University’s residential colleges. Since its’ initial year in 1986, the program prides itself on providing a comprehensive and layered approach to our students’ safety and security by supporting campus police and security with a team of Security Assistants and Security Supervisors, who work to provide a variety of overnight services. The day staff consists of our administrative team, which includes our Senior Security Manager, Security Manager, Security Manager Assistants and Office Assistants. Our night staff consists of our Security Supervisors and Security Assistants, who provide overnight services to residents between the hours of 10pm and 8am. The residential colleges served are Hecht, Stanford, Mahoney, Pearson and Eaton; area checks are provided for the University Village twice a week and UV RAs are contacted for lockouts on a nightly basis for University Village residents as well.

When entering your respective residential college, you must present your Cane Card to gain admittance to your building during these hours. Failure to show your Cane Card may result in disciplinary action and entrance to the building may be denied. The Security Assistant is trained to assist in emergency situations. If a problem occurs between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am, contact the security assistant by dialing the front desk phone number. The security assistant is able to directly contact both staff on duty and the campus police.

Professional Staff

Senior Security Manager: The Senior Security Manager is responsible for the daily operations and general oversight of the entire Security program (approximately 80 student employees) and is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event of an overnight emergency. Additionally, the SSM is responsible for directly supervising the Security Manager Assistants and Security Supervisors, facilitating Security Supervisor and Security Manager Assistant training, and manages the program’s annual budget.

Security Manager: The Security Manager is responsible for co-directing, supervising, and developing the Security Staff (approximately 80 student employees), and directly supervises the Security Assistants and Office Assistants. Additionally, the SM is in charge of documentation review for the entire staff and is charged with facilitating Security Assistant Training every fall & spring semester, respectively. The Security Manager is also on-call 24/7 should an overnight emergency take place.

Student Staff

Security Manager Assistant: Two student employees twice promoted within the security program to the highest obtainable student position. The SMA’s provide administrative support to the Senior Security Manager and the Security Manager and maintain regular weekly office hours during the day. Their respective positions also entail managing the security staff’s work schedule and payroll. Furthermore, both SMA’s are also on-call 24/7 for emergency response overnight.

Security Supervisor: 11-13 students make up the Security Supervisor team who are responsible for the nightly supervision of the Security Assistant in each respective residential college.  Three supervisors work together on a nightly basis to oversee approximately 15 Security Assistants and perform checks of access doors, courtesy phones, lights, and address any other safety concerns taking place at night.

Security Assistant: A staff of 55-65 student employees that operate the security posts in each residential college. SAs screen individuals who enter the building, check in guests, monitor fire alarms and access doors, and serve as first responders to emergency situations that may arise throughout the night.

Office Assistants: 3-4 students that manage the day to day administrative tasks of the security office between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm. OA’s are available to answer the phones, reply to emails, maintain employee files, set up appointments for the senior office staff, organize logs, and assist with other tasks and duties as assigned by the SSM and SM.

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