The Office of Academic Enhancement (OAE) and the Department of Housing and Residential Life invite groups of students to submit applications for Special Interest Housing (SIH) communities. Each group should be organized around a specific theme that brings students together to enhance their on campus living experience. Special Interest Housing options provide a unique opportunity for upper-class students at UM, who share a common interest, to live together in order to enhance their learning and overall experience at the University of Miami.  For more information on Special Interest Housing, please contact the Office of Academic Enhancement at (305) 284-3187 or email

Additionally, in collaboration with the Department of Housing and Residential Life, the College of Engineering has been developed a residential research experience in a University Village apartment that will be a part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project.  This project involves developing and demonstrating a new system for low-energy, low-emission, closed-loop recycling of wastewater and is aimed at promoting principles of sustainable development to take advantage of new technologies to reduce energy and water demands by becoming autonomous in terms of water use.  Over the course of the four-year grant, researchers are developing the self-sustaining system for converting all the apartment’s wastewater into potable water through the use of specialized electrocatalyzers and filters to remove contaminants.  The research team will also investigate concepts of architectural and socio-cultural acceptability working toward design concepts that will allow buildings of the future to incorporate this technology. 
      >Autonomous Net-Zero Water Project