In 1984 the University opened its first residential college. Presently, five of the six living areas on campus are residential colleges. Based on the tradition of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the residential colleges combine the personal attention, support, and family-like atmosphere of a small college with the extensive resources of a major research university.

The University's residential colleges support and enhance student learning through live-in faculty and student affairs staff as well as a wide range of programs, seminars, concerts, lectures, field trips, and sports and recreational activities throughout the school year.

Educational, social and community oriented programming is an integral part of residential college and apartment area living. The faculty members, residence coordinators and resident assistants work with students to plan programs, seminars, lectures, study breaks, and extracurricular activities for all residents. In the residential colleges, the faculty often host programs in their homes. Additionally, each residential college also has a council composed of residents who assist in the organization of college programs and the development of community in the building.

Participation in college activities provides students the following opportunities:

  • Meet and interact with other students, faculty and staff
  • Learn about campus and community resources
  • Receive assistance in achieving academic goals
  • Discuss issues relevant to college students
  • Share ideas about current events
  • Build community in the residential college
  • Have fun while learning

The residential colleges offer students a variety of programs each year, but below are a highlight of just a few of these activities:

  • Barbeques
  • Book clubs
  • Coffee house (poetry readings)
  • Faculty dinners
  • Floor dinners
  • Guest speakers including:
    • political analysts
    • famous authors
    • government leaders
  • Discussions of issues including:
    • relationships
    • nutrition
    • gender
    • etiquette

One of the most anticipated events each year is Sportsfest, which is an event hosted by the Wellness Center in order to promote community among residents. Generally, teams are chosen by floor in each building. Some teams have notorious reputations in Sportsfest activities. Activities to participate in are: flag football, soccer, vollyball, mystery event, water polo and tennis, just to name a few.

To find out more about events in or out of the residential college, contact your RA or visit the reception desk.