$20 Loan key after 3 grace loans

$20 Room Entry after 10 pm

$25 Failure to Show University ID (Cane Card) after 3 grace entries

$25 Unburned candle in room (per person)

$25 Electrical extension cords

$25 Trash removal from outside of door (per day per resident)

$25 Room Decoration (hanging from ceiling tile, etc)

$25 Stolen floor decorations

$25 Oversize aquarium (in excess of 10 gallons) or multiple aquariums per single student

$25 Unapproved appliances

$25 Stolen non-UM property (public law)

$25 Lost/stolen/missing UM Emergency Guide flip chart

$50 Extreme dirtiness of room (pre-checkout)

$50 Skateboarding in buildings

$55 Rekey of room

$55 Rekey of mailbox

$25 Each additional rekey core (# of cores vary between areas)

$75 Tampered smoke detector

$75 Stolen UM property

$75 Smoking apparent in room/suite

$100 Improper checkout

$100 Failure to roll up carpeting

$100 Improper/unauthorized room change

$100 Overnight charge of approved extended stay (per night)

$100 Unapproved late check-out (per day)

$100 Packing and removing student belongings from room

$100 Room requiring excessive cleaning (following check-out)

$150 Removing TV wall mount (following check-out)

$250 Lost/unreturned cart

$300 Lost/stolen/damaged Wireless Access Point

$500 Early termination of the Housing agreement