Housing Rates for 2014 - 2015

Residential Colleges (per student)
  Per Semester   Per Year
Double $3,668   $7,336
Small Single * $4,771   $9,542
Standard Single $5,483   $10,966

University Village (per student) **
  Fall Semester 2014 (Aug-Dec) Spring Semester 2015 (Jan-May) Summer Term 2015
Ibis Model (1:1) $8,508 $8,508 TBD
Palm Model (2:2) $5,951 $5,951 TBD
Cane Model (4:2) $5,092 $5,092 TBD
Villager Model (4:4) $5,506 $5,506 TBD
Lake Model (4:4) $5,615 $5,615 TBD

Note: Beginning with 2014-2015, University Village has a 10 month agreement (August - May), and you will be charged the semester rate in August, and again in January similarly to the residential colleges. If the optional summer housing in University Village is desired, a separate summer application must be submitted and the applicable summer charge will be applied.

* Small Singles are available in Hecht and Stanford Residential Colleges only; new freshmen are typically assigned to double occupancy rooms in Hecht & Stanford Colleges, and a portion of Eaton College, for their first year living on campus, but may be assigned to another residential college based on availability.

** For upperclassmen only --no freshmen or sophomores (60+ academic credits completed prior to move-in);