Once resident students participate in the "opt-in" process and are selected via lottery, they are then eligible to participate after Spring Break in the housing sign-up process. The entire sign-up process will be facilitated through CaneLink--students already use CaneLink to register for classes, check grades, or pay balances. Within the housing sign-up system, you are able to:

  • Review the housing sign-up tutorial (available as of February 16) as well as the housing agreement and room rates for 2015-2016
  • Review and complete/update the immunization acknowledgement form
  • View your priority appointment times (also as of February 16) and see your personal housing sign-up code which is used when being requested as a roommate
  • Retain/change rooms/apartments and select roommates, suitemates, and apartment-mates
  • Electronically “sign” your housing agreement and all applicable addendums
  • Pay their $250.00 securing pre-payment by credit card or electronic debit from a checking account

2015-2016 Housing Sign-Up Process Timeline

Housing Sign-Up tutorial & appointment times made available in CaneLink...February 16

University Village/Same Apartment Sign-Up...March 17-19 from 10am-5pm

University Village/Move to a new Apartment Sign-Up...March 21 & 23 from 10am-5pm

Same Residential College Room Sign-Up...March 24-26 from 10am-5pm

Move to a new Residential College Room Sign-Up...March 28 & 29 from 10am-5pm

Late Sign-Up/Change/Cancel...March 31 - April 2 from 10am-5pm

Last date to cancel a housing sign-up reservation without being subject to the $500 cancellation penalty...April 2 at 5pm

Last day to cancel a housing reservation/application without the resident being responsible for the full fall housing charge penalty...May 31