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University of Miami Overhauls Recycling Program

As the University of Miami strives to create a more sustainable campus environment the need to improve and expand recycling efforts has become evident. As the spring semester rolls out you will notice changes in the Coral Gables and RSMAS recycle programs. The most recent development within the Green U program is a new comprehensive recycling plan encompassing efforts by several University departments, including Facilities Administration, Business Services, Environmental Health & Safety, Residence Halls, Waste Management, Dade Recycling, and many individual faculty & staff members as well as of course, students.

Recycling is extraordinarily important for it has far reaching environmental, social, and economic impacts. Recycling helps to reduce the amount of materials that would otherwise be left for a landfill as unused waste. By capturing more recycled material the University is able to reduce our environmental impact by sending our waste to where they will ultimately become raw materials for new products. This reduces the negative impact of many products that put strain on natural resources and increases landfill waste.

Below you will see the details of Phase 1 of this comprehensive recycling plan, as part of Green U initiatives.

Where You Can Now Recycle
(Coral Gables Campus)

Outdoor Areas: You can now do your part by recycling bottles and cans across common outdoor areas on campus. As part of phase one, recycle bins will be available on Miller Drive near the Law School down past Gusman Concert hall and around the Rathskeller to the shores of Lake Osceola. From there, follow the canal past the UC and all the way past the School of Business Administration down University Drive. (See blue boundary Line on Map Below). Concrete recycle bins and trash cans are paired up with the same concrete structures. The recycle bins will be designated (in these outdoor areas) by a blue ring on top that reads: All cans and bottles only! Please do your best to make sure bottles and cans are empty and caps are removed.

Figure 1 - Coral Gables Outdoor Recycling (Phase 1)
Coral Gables Outdoor Recycling (Phase 1)

Ink toner, cell phone, and battery recycling drop off location: There is also toner and battery recycling drop off location sponsored by the Purchasing Department in the UC across from the elevators.

Libraries/ Computer labs: All libraries and computer labs have strategically placed recycle bins for paper. Recycling paper is a great way to help the environment by reducing the need to cut down trees.

Residential Areas: All on-campus residential areas are now transitioning to single stream recycling. This means that a greater amount of items can now be captured for recycling instead of going to the landfill. For a complete list of single stream items please see information at end of this page.

Bins will be located in the following locations along with instructions on what you can and cannot recycle.

  1. Towers (Stanford and Hecht) & Suite-Style Buildings (Mahoney / Pearson / Eaton)
    1. Floors: Each Floor has 2 recycle bins in the recycle room (Towers) or by the elevators (Mahoney, Pearson, Eaton). On the bin there are detailed instructions about what you can and cannot place in them. Please place cardboard next to bin. This must be cardboard only--no Pizza boxes, food, or other contents of cardboard boxes. Remember: before you throw it out consider what you can recycle first!
    2. Lobby:
      1. There are bins located in the lobbies for single stream recycling as well.
      2. Additionally, there are battery recycle bins located at the reception desk of each building. Proper battery recycling prevents harmful chemicals from leaking into the environment and ultimately our water, air, soil, and food stream.
  2. University Village: In University Village there will be increased recycle bins located near the dumpsters for singles stream recycling. On the bin there are detailed instructions about what you can and cannot place in them. Remember: before you throw it out consider what you can recycle first!

Single Stream Recycling!


What You Can Recycle
  • Aluminum/plastic food and beverage containers (without food and caps)
  • Glass containers not broken
  • All bottles and cans (empty, without caps)
  • Magazines/catalogs/newspapers/telephone books
  • Cardboard
  • Cereal boxes (cereal free) and shoeboxes
  • Paper/mail/printer and copier paper
  • Shampoo bottles, etc. (empty, without caps)

Do Not Recycle
  • Food and wet trash
  • Tissues, paper towels that had food contact
  • Pizza boxes
  • Plastic bags
  • Mirrors/window or auto glass
  • Light bulbs
  • Ceramics/porcelain
  • Coat Hangers
  • Glass cookware/pots and pans
  • Electronics

**Do not mix trash and recycling! If trash or other contaminants are placed in recycle bins, the whole load is considered trash and cannot be recycled.**