Your room/apartment will be your new home. Since you’ll be spending a great deal of time there, it is important that it be a place where you feel comfortable and happy. As a service to students, the University provides carpet, appliance, and poster vendors during August Opening. This allows roommates/apartment-mates to shop together to secure products for their room/apartment.

Your walls are a good place to start adding a bit of yourself to your room. You can decorate them with posters and photographs that create the atmosphere you want. You should keep in mind that decorations should not alter or damage the physical structure of the room/apartment. You may add curtains, bedspreads, rugs, wall hangings, posters, carpet, or lamps. You may not, however, paint, build lofts, hang flags, parachutes, fishnets or the like from ceilings as these are fire hazards.


Lofts are a way to increase the living space of your residential college room. The University and the Department of Housing and Residential Life has a partnership with Collegiate Marketing, Inc. to be the sole provider of individual loft rentals in all of the residential colleges (  The loft rental program is not available in University Village.

Since the fall of 2010, residents have not had the option of building their own lofts due to liability and safety concerns—the only lofts that will be allowed on campus will be those arranged through Collegiate Marketing, Inc.

We strongly suggest students pre-order their bed loft before August 4th. This will ensure that your bed loft is delivered AND assembled in your room before move-in day. Students may rent bed lofts after August 4th (including on-site) if inventory is still available, but there will be an added delivery charge. Additionally, any orders placed after August 4th or on-site will not be delivered until after move-in week. Futons are also available, but for purchase only.  To place your order today, visit or for more information call 1 (866) 651-LOFT [-5638].


You may bring some furniture with you from home, but you should be sure to clear it with your roommate/apartment-mate before you do so.  Remember, you are personally responsible for the furniture that is in your room/apartment when you check in. Furniture that is missing when you move out will be billed to you. You may request to have furniture removed from residential college rooms by calling Facilities Customer Service at (305) 284-8282. The furniture MUST remain in your room while awaiting pick-up.You may also bring a radio, stereo equipment, and television for your room, provided they don’t require outside antennas.  University Village residents must keep all apartment furniture in their apartment during their occupancy.

The University of Miami also partners with to rent microfridges (new for 2013-2014) and sell futons to students.  Get the convenience of a microwave and refrigerator (with freezer compartment) all in one and the full-size futon may be used as a love seat, lounger or bed.  Students may pre-order a microfridge or futon at and have the item delivered to their room before move-in.