If you lose your keys please notify your reception desk immediately and request to have your lock(s) changed. New keys will be issued once this task is completed and you will be charged.

During Daily Desk Hours

If you are accidentally locked out of your room/apartment, you may obtain a loan key at the front desk of your residential college between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. (8am-8:30pm M-F and 10am-6pm on Saturdays in University Village).  Each resident within a residential living community will be provided three courtesy loan key issuances per academic year at no charge to the student.  Starting with the fourth loan key issuance of the academic year and each issuance thereafter, a $25 service fee will be charged to the student’s account for use of this service.  The loan key issuance count will restart if a resident moves to another residential living community on-campus as that resident then becomes a member of a different living community.

The loan key must be returned within two hours. You must also show your ‘Cane Card to the desk assistant when you return the loan key. If your loan key in not returned within 2 hours, a lock change order will be initiated automatically and you will be billed (once ordered, lock changes are irreversible).

After Desk Hours

During nighttime Security hours when the front desk is closed (10:00PM to 8:00AM daily in the residential colleges – days and hours vary in the University Village), loan keys are never issued to a resident; rather, he/she is let back into their room through a process called the “lockout.”  Regardless of the number of times the lockout service is utilized in an academic year, there is always a $25 service fee charged due to the fact that a Security Supervisor must come from elsewhere on-campus to provide the lockout service.

All locks and keys are the property of the University and are not to be repaired, changed, or duplicated except by University maintenance personnel. Residents are not to borrow keys from other residents or lend keys to anyone. If a student’s key is lost or stolen, or if for any other reason a student wishes to have his or her lock changed, he or she will be responsible for the cost of re-keying the room/apartment.

No student may sign out a key for another student’s room/apartment.

All students are required to return the issued key whenever checking out of their room/apartment. Failure to return a University-issued key within 24 hours after a termination of a room/apartment occupancy will also result in re-keying and billing for cost.