The University has both single and double accommodations in the residential colleges, however, because singles are assigned based on seniority in housing, freshman will typically be assigned to double living spaces. Effort is taken to assign roommates of similar age, class standing, and smoking preference.

University Village apartments are all single occupancy bedrooms with the five different apartment models ranging from 1:1’s to 4:4’s.

All UM housing facilities are co-educational with men and women living on alternate floors or separate suites/apartments.

Sharing a room/apartment for many college students is a new experience. To ensure good relations with your roommate / apartment-mate, remember that it is always a good idea to talk things over first. In any roommate situation, you should treat him/her with respect, consideration and openness. Roommate conflicts should be referred to your RA. If the RA cannot help resolve the conflict through mediation and/or a Roommate Agreement, contact your residence coordinator.

For more information about living with a roommate, you can check out the Roommate Handbook for helpful tips.