The University of Miami student I.D. is known as the ‘Cane Card and serves a multitude of other purposes. You obtain your ‘Cane Card on the day you arrive on campus as a new student. Your ‘Cane Card gives you access to many University of Miami facilities including: your residential college/University Village building exterior doors, individual student rooms in Eaton & Stanford Colleges, the student Wellness Center, the library, and the dining halls. Students are required to carry their ‘Cane Card at all times. Your card is specifically coded for the building in which you live and will register invalid when used in another residential colleges/village buildings. ‘Cane Cards can be obtained at the Cane Card Office now located in the McKnight Building on the first floor (across from the baseball stadium).

Follow the recommended care instructions below to avoid damaging your card. A damaged card will not pass through electronic scanning equipment. Protect your card by doing the following:

a. Carry it in a wallet (not eel skin)

b. Do not use as a tool for any reason.

c. Do not punch holes in it.

d. Avoid exposure to any type of magnetic force, including stereo equipment.

e. Avoid running cards through clothes dryers and washing machines.

If you lose your card, another one can be obtained at the ‘Cane Card Office for a replacement fee of $20.00. ‘Cane Cards may not be altered, loaned, borrowed, sold, or transferred, and any students who commit any of these actions will be fined $25 and will be subject to disciplinary action. ‘Cane Cards found in the possession of a person other than the rightful owner will be confiscated.