The University of Miami partners with to provide students with a bed loft rental program. This is the ONLY way to have a bed loft in your residential college room and we highly recommend that students take advantage of this opportunity. It is the easy, affordable way to create additional living space in your room.

We strongly suggest students pre-order their bed loft before the July 31st priority deadline. This will ensure that your bed loft is delivered AND assembled in your room before move-in day. Students may rent bed lofts after July 31st (including on-site) if inventory is still available, but there will be an added delivery charge. Additionally, any orders placed after July 31st or on-site will not be delivered until after move-in week.

Students can also rent a MicroFridge from The eco-friendly unit has 2.9 cubic feet total storage capacity, including a full freezer and microwave. Renting a MicroFridge eliminates the hassle of moving a refrigerator and microwave to and from home, making move-in day a much smoother process for students and parents.

We highly recommend students take advantage of this one-of-a-kind product and service. Students who pre-order their MicroFridge by July 31st will have it delivered to their room before move-in day. Futons are also available, but for purchase only. To place your order today, visit or for more information call 1 (866) 651-LOFT [-5638].

Questions, concerns, and service requests should be directly handled by