Students are allowed to use popcorn poppers, microwaves, coffee pots, and hot pots if they have encased heating units. All other heating devices, including “George Foreman”-type grills, are considered a fire hazard and may not be used in the residential colleges or University Village. Students in residential colleges may provide their own refrigerator as long as it operates on no more than 1.5 amps and 175 watts.  Microwaves are recommended to be no more than 900 watts.

All appliances and electronic devices should be protected from overloads by a power strip, such as those made by Tripp-Lite or GoldX, with built-in electronics to monitor the flow of electricity and shut-off power in the event of an electrical system surge.  (120 volt, U.L. approved; built-in manual reset; 15-amp circuit breaker; maximum length of cord six (6) feet; maximum six (6) outlets at end of cord)