Air Conditioners
Each room is equipped with an air conditioning unit. These need to be left on low at all times, or they may begin to leak due to accumulated condensation. The University and Conference Housing will not be held responsible for damage to property due to air conditioning leaks.

Alcohol and Drugs
Alcohol is not prohibited in Conference Housing by those under the age of 21. Those over the age of 21 may consume alcohol only in their own room (not in public areas or meeting rooms) and may not give alcohol to minors. Any minors found with possession of alcohol and anyone contributing to the delinquency of a minor will face immediate disciplinary action and possible expulsion from Conference Housing without a refund. Any illegal narcotics are also prohibited and will result in serious disciplinary action and possible law enforcement involvement.

Bicycles may be stored in your rooms or bicycle racks located outside the building. Illegally stored bicycles may be confiscated by conference staff and disciplinary action taken. Bicycles may not be ridden inside the University buildings.

Damage to University Property
All rooms are equipped with standard furniture and damage charges will be assessed against the individual responsible. If individual responsibility for damages, over and above normal wear and tear, cannot be determined, the guests assigned to the damaged room will be assessed equally. Guests are not permitted to repair damaged University property. All damaged University property must be reported to the Conference Housing reception desk, which will make arrangements for necessary repairs and assess charges when appropriate.

Fire Hazards

  • Candles and Incense - Candles and incense are prohibited in Conference Housing. Violations may be subject to disciplinary action.

  • Cooking - Cooking is not permitted in rooms except for the use of items which have encased heating elements, (i.e. popcorn poppers, microwaves, coffee makers, etc.).

  • Fire Escapes - Propping open the fire escape doors is prohibited. Loitering on the fire escapes is also prohibited.

  • Fireworks - Fireworks are not permitted in Conference Housing for any reason. Any person found in possession of fireworks will be subject to immediate disciplinary action or expulsion from Conference Housing.

  • Smoking - By state law, smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building, including the balconies and fire escapes.

All rooms are equipped with standard furniture. Moving of furniture, including beds and chairs from room to room is prohibited. Every guest will be charged if these items are missing from the room at the time of check-out.

Please do not dispose of garbage outside your room in the hallway or leave full garbage cans in the hallway. Trash chutes/containers are located on every floor near the elevators for your convenience.

There are no overnight guests allowed in Conference Housing. When signing in outside guests, the conference guest must present his/her conference card and a picture ID, as well as a picture ID of the guest being signed in. Conference guests under the age of 18 will not be allowed to check-in guests at any time. The Conference Housing staff reserves the right to ask guests to leave the building and/or University property at any time.

Hall Sports
Conference guests may not engage in any sport or sport related activities in the lobby, hallways or stairwells. In addition, guests may not use water pistols, super soakers or any other mechanism that projects water or any other liquids inside the building.

Conference Room and Building Access Cards
Locks and access cards are the property of the University and are not to be repaired, changed or duplicated except by University personnel. Conference cards are to be carried at all times and must be presented upon request by the conference housing/security staff. If any guest loses or damages his/her conference card, he/she will be charged $25.00 per card. Any guest locked out of their room after 10:00 PM will be assessed an administrative charge of $15.00 to be let into their room.

Mail / Packages
Incoming U.S. mail and other deliveries from parcel carriers (e.g. FedEx, UPS, etc.) for conference guests will be available through the reception desk.

Mail/packages must be addressed to an individual conference guest and indicate that it is "CONFERENCE HOUSING MAIL" as part of the address information.

Conference guests can claim their mail/packages anytime between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM-a photo ID is required.

Quiet Hours
In all areas, reasonable quiet is expected at all times. Any conference guest under the age of 18 will automatically have a 10:00 PM curfew and must be on his/her own floor by that time. Repeated, excessive noise by a particular conference guest may result in the confiscation of the source of the problem (i.e. radio, television) and removal from Conference Housing.

Skateboard, Roller-skating, Roller-blading
Skateboarding, roller-skating, roller-blading and use of scooters are prohibited in lobby areas, hallways, rooms, lounges and any other public areas inside the building. Violation may result in confiscation and disciplinary action.