The Department of Housing and Residential Life wants living on campus to add value to students' education by creating environments that are conducive to and supportive of student learning. The strong tradition of residential colleges at UM provide a valuable supplement to classroom learning as a place to enrich the hearts and minds of students, and help retain the university's best students, thus strengthening the overall intellectual community at UM, and offering a foundation on which to build residential programs of learning that have a defined educational purpose.

Establishing Student Leaning Outcomes (SLOs) will provide a framework within which Residential college staff and faculty can link programs, activities and experiences for our students to specific learning opportunities that will enhance their classroom experiences, increase faculty-student interactions, show how our practices integrate with the core educational mission of the University, and assist in our goal of achieving our mission: Student Housing for Student Learning.

Student Learning Outcomes include:

First-Year Residential Colleges (Hecht, Stanford, and Mahoney 1st floor):

  1. CONNECTIONS - Create and build connections and partnerships with faculty and students, the UM campus, and campus activities/events.
  2. KNOWLEDGE - Develop and utilize a knowledge of UM academic resources, skills, and majors available to UM students.
  3. SUCCESS - Mid-terms/finals and exam preparation and success; develop and utilize the necessary skills, resources, and connections to prepare for and succeed with mid-term, finals, and other semester exams.

Upper-Class Residential Colleges & Communities (Eaton & Apartment Area, Mahoney, Pearson, and University Village):

  1. CONNECTIONS - Participate in opportunities to make meaningful connections and partnerships with faculty, students, staff, and other members of the UM community.
  2. SUCCESS - Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to transition from the college to the post-college environment.
  3. MEMORABLE - participate in programs, traditions, and customs characterized by pride and involvement that are unique to each residential college.