GAMMA The purpose of GAMMA is to assist fraternity and sorority chapters in their proactive efforts to have an exciting social environment while keeping all members safe and healthy.

This objective shall be met by:

  • discussing general challenges and initiatives regarding alcohol, drugs, and other high-risk behavior as an entire Greek community in a roundtable setting,
  • discussing implementation of the alcohol policy as an entire Greek community in a roundtable setting, and
  • providing applicable workshops, speakers, or presentations on Greek-related risk management issues.

Previous meeting topics included:

  • Body image “Does this GAMMA meeting make me look fat”
  • Freshman orientation “What I wish I knew”
  • Hazing
  • Club Drugs
  • Mixers and alcohol
  • Sex “Sex the good, the bad, and the contagious”
  • Mental health and alcohol
  • Meeting based on time of the year:
    • Spring break
    • Halloween
    • Prescription drug use during finals
  • Fake IDs

Featured Program:

Ibis Ride Block Party
Every semester GAMMA helps plan, execute, and evaluate both National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week and Safe Spring Break Week. More specifically GAMMA also coordinates the Ibis Ride Block Party. The goal of the event is to provide students utilizing the Ibis Ride Safe Ride program to and from Coconut Grove with the necessary information to make rational and responsible decisions. During this program, students receive free food, soda, and lively entertainment.

For more information on GAMMA, call 305-284-6120 or

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