Services and Initiatives

  • Provide information on UM alcohol and other drug policies
  • Educate faculty and staff on current findings and initiatives
  • Provide information on community resources regarding drugs and alcohol
  • Advise GAMMA- Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol
  • Coordinate the Presidential Commission on Alcohol and Other Drug Issues comprised of faculty, administrators, and students
  • PIER21 anonymous referral system; if you are concerned about someone’s drug use, this anonymous referral system is a way to get help
  • Administer and utilize the responses of AlcoholEdu- an online alcohol education course
  • Coordinate a monthly campus wide educational campaign
  • Represent the University in South Florida community initiatives

Workshops and Programs

Customized programs and workshops can be designed for your organization or department. Formats vary depending on your needs, ranging from simple discussions to multimedia presentation.

Presentations include:

  • Alcohol 101 CD-ROM
  • Alcohol Jeopardy
  • Training for Intervention Procedures (T.I.P.S.) Certification
  • Certified Peer Education (CPE)
  • Peer Led Workshops
  • Healthy Jeopardy

Please let us know if any other alcohol or drug-related topic is of interest to you and PIER21 will meet your alcohol and other drug education needs. Please contact