In 1987, Pearson Hall was rededicated as a Residential College. The hall was originally opened in 1962, and in 1969 was named in honor of Jay F. W. Pearson. Pearson was a member of UM’s first faculty and eventually became the second President of the University. In 1953, Pearson was a scientist who, as a young man, participated in expeditions to British Guinea and the Galapagos Islands. His non-traditional background in science provided a unique perspective in administering as President.

Pearson was a driving force behind the establishment of the medical school and the development of the library. He also recognized the role of positive relations with Latin America and with the South Florida community as being vital to the institution’s success.

Pearson Residential College is set up in a suite-style arrangement. The college is co-ed on each floor, and each floor consists of 15 single rooms and 47 doubles. Pearson has approximately 700 students on seven floors, with state of the art classrooms, laundry rooms on floors 2 and 3, study rooms on floors 4-7, and Special Interest floors.