A preliminary schedule of events for our optional Parent Orientation program is available through the tab on the left of this page. You will be emailed information about registration for Parent Orientation once your son/daughter completes their registration process for New Student Orientation.

Before the semester begins each fall and spring, Parent Orientation is held to familiarize parents and family members with the services and resources available on campus, and with the adjustments new students face once they begin their education at the University of Miami.

Here are a few things to know about our Parent Orientation program.
  • Registration is required for the Parent Orientation program. Once your son/daughter has registered for New Student Orientation (after the enrollment deposit has been paid), you will have access to the registration system by following the prompts generated through the confirmation email that will be sent to you. Be sure to check-in when you arrive on campus during one of the specified times.
  • For most of the Parent Orientation program, parents and family members attend different sessions from students, because the sessions are designed to meet each group's particular needs and interests. You will have the opportunity to meet UM administrators, faculty, staff and current students, and to have your questions and concerns addressed in person.
  • An electronic copy of the Parent Guide is available for download. Parents will also receive a hard copy when they check-in for the Parent Orientation program.
We would like to also provide you with some additional resources available to you which are highlighted below.

Family Weekend
We offer a Family Weekend program in the fall semester, featuring a variety of events and activities, including the President's Tailgate for Parents and the opportunity to attend a UM football game. Registration for the program opens in July. More information is available at www.miami.edu/family-weekend.

Family Newsletter
If you are interested in receiving our brand new Family e-Newsletter, The Hurricane Family Connection, you must have a Parent myUM delegate account. The first edition was published electronically in September 2009 and is distributed on a monthly basis each semester. More information is available through www.miami.edu/family-newsletter.

We have included some tips below that you might find helpful as you think about the transition your family is about to make. We look forward to seeing you in August!

Advice for Parents: A Top 10 List
  1. Be prepared for your student's and your own conflicting emotions as the day of departure approaches.
  2. Discuss academic expectations ahead of time. Encourage your son/daughter to set his/her own academic goals.
  3. Make a financial plan and openly discuss expectations with your student.
  4. Discuss use of alcohol and other lifestyle choices that your son/daughter will have to make, but try not to give lectures.
  5. Discuss expectations about communication such as phone calls, emails and letters.
  6. If you take your student to school, do not expect to spend a lot of time together. The purpose of New Student Orientation is to foster relationships with new peers and integration into the UM community.
  7. Be a coach rather than a rescuer. Encourage your son or daughter to use resources at school. Learn what the academic and personal support services are and keep the parent's materials from orientation in an accessible place.
  8. Don't make major changes at home without informing your son or daughter.
  9. Be an anchor. Listen with an open mind and be supportive.
  10. Keep in touch; write and send packages.