Department of Orientation - Logo

Mission Statement
The mission of the Department of Orientation is to provide an orientation program for new students and their parents that serves as the foundation of their UM experience and begins the process through which they obtain the information necessary to have a successful transition into the UM community.

Student Learning Outcomes
The Department of Orientation offers a combination of both educational and interactive sessions to prepare new students and parents for their UM experience. New students and parents attend different activities for a majority of the orientation program, in order to address the needs of both groups. Specifically, our orientation program is designed with the following goals and learning outcomes in mind:

New Students will be able to:

  • Recognize the academic and community requirements, expectations and performance standards of the institution
  • Identify current faculty, staff and students who can serve as resources to them through the program and their first-year of college
  • Demonstrate an understanding of academic advising and support services, degree and course requirements
  • Distinguish university programs, services and resources that are available to assist in their personal and social development, to form interpersonal relationships, to participate in involvement opportunities, and to develop an awareness of campus traditions
  • Describe opportunities available to appreciate the vibrant and diverse culture of Miami and become engaged within the university and local community