What is the Process? How should I utilize an Ombudsperson?

We do not want you to feel as though you must navigate the university system on your own. If you have a question or concern, we encourage you to seek out the assistance of a University Troubleshooter or an Ombudsperson. We also suggest starting early. By meeting with us, we can clarify the concern, identify possible solutions, and refer you to the appropriate campus resources.

Suggested steps for addressing an issue or concern:
  • Contact a University Troubleshooter – Academic or Administrative
  • Document dates, and times of contact and/or attempted contact
  • Keep notes during conversations with administrators/faculty including names
  • Make note of the outcome and/or next steps of conversations
  • Take suggested steps
  • Follow-up with the University Troubleshooter if necessary
  • Contact the Ombudsperson if you need further assistance
If you would like to meet with an Ombudsperson, please fill out the Case Submission Form and we will be in contact with you to discuss the matter further.