The University Troubleshooters are faculty members and administrators who serve as a first responder, on behalf of their departments, and provide assistance to students seeking help. They are extremely knowledgeable and often can resolve the situation at their level. When addressing an issue or concern, the University Troubleshooter should be the first individual you contact. Below are the links to the University Troubleshooters.
Academic Troubleshooters
Administrative Troubleshooters
Thoughts from your University Troubleshooters

"I try very hard NOT to send the person somewhere else, but to find out what to do, how to do it, and then pass the solution on to the aggrieved party." – Rita Deutsch, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

"Smile……I'm here to help." – Jackie Ledon, Associate Director for Administration of the Student Health Center

"As a "troubleshooter" I feel that students (and parents) can feel safe talking to me about anything; I will be happy to listen, offer assistance and point them in the right direction." – Jim Sullivan, Associate Director of Admission

"The troubleshooter program provides a network of support to best serve students." – Kevin McCrary, Associate Director of Financial Assistance

"Troubleshooters can interpret policies for students as well as advocate for them." – Richard Sobaram, Director of Parking & Transportation

When the regular channels have not brought a resolution to the situation and after you have spoken to the appropriate University Troubleshooter, an Ombudsperson should be contacted through our Case Submission Form.